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Specifying a roof waterproofing system that delivers a combination of assured high performance and best value is a tremendous responsibility. The financial impact of the wrong decisions can be considerable. At Icopal, we are dedicated to working with you to eliminate all levels of risk from the design and specification process, the construction process and the long-term ownership of your project’s roof.

The IMA through Icopal offers a simple, proven guarantee solution with a range of possibilities to suit your needs and budget. Each guarantee is supported by a comprehensive service from Icopal’s Technical Services Department to ensure the highest standards of workmanship.

We believe that the best roof guarantee is the guarantee that you never need to make a claim on.
Here's how we do it.

Consultation and Technical Advice

Whether new build or refurbishment, Icopal’s Technical Support Services will ensure all aspects of the proposed roofing scheme comply with the latest building regulations and codes of practice ensuring that the critical issues and design requirements are identified and resolved in the early stages of the project, removing unwanted waste from the decision process and reducing on site cost and improving build efficiency.

Site Survey and Condition Report

For existing roof refurbishments, experienced Icopal Area Technical Managers can provide a comprehensive roof inspection and condition report prior to making any recommendations for remedial action.
Site Inspections include a detailed commentary and photographic record, core sampling, fixing pull out tests and thermographic imaging analysis where appropriate.

Specification and Design Assistance

Icopal Technical Services will provide all required calculations for the project including:

  • Specification - Bespoke system specifications are generated for each roof area based upon the design criteria. Specifications can be provided in a variety of forms to suit client requirements.
  • Drawings - Project specific detail drawings are prepared showing critical interface detailing and airtight system terminations.
  • Wind Uplift - Prior to commencement on site, a wind uplift calculation is carried out in accordance with BS 6399. The shape of the roof, the height of the building and its geographical location are all considered when completing the calculation. 
  • Cut to Falls Insulation - In-house design service offering the most cost effective and user efficient solutions to providing positive drainage falls on even the most complicated of projects. From initial design to installation, Icopal’s Technical Services will ensure the designed insulation scheme provides a combined solution of insulation value and effective roof drainage. 
  • U-Value and Condensation Risk Analysis - U-Value and condensation risk analysis is carried out to ascertain the potential threat to the system of interstitial condensation. Should such a threat exist, Icopal’s Technical Services team will be able to recommend an appropriate solution.
  • Vapour Control and Airtightness - Icopal supply a range of high performance reinforced vapour control layers, sealants and accessories to ensure the roofing system is suitably air and vapour tight.

Value Engineering & Budget Costings

If we can be involved with your roof early enough we will be able to deliver savings or performance enhancements where they are of most benefit to you – before the design of your roof is complete.

Installation Quality

All installations are carried out by Icopal IMA approved contractors, each of whom have attended and completed a specific training course at one of Icopal’s dedicated training centres.
Trained operatives are required to demonstrate professional levels of competency in all aspects of membrane application. Upon completion of the training, each operative will be certified to a level of competency in the system application.

Prior to your roof works commencing we can;

  • Arrange a project technical briefing meeting with your appointed IMA contactor and with any other members of the project team who wish to attend.
  • Provide a full review of any non-standard detailing or unique facets of your roof and where necessary arrange supplementary training for the installers.
  • If necessary create mock-up structures of unique interfaces at the Icopal Training Centre, offering an opportunity for everyone to rehearse for success..

Inspection and Project Monitoring

Once the project is on site, Icopal Quality Inspectors carry out regular site inspections throughout the progress of the installation, checking compliance with specification, workmanship and aesthetic condition.
Each visit is followed up with a site progress report including photographs. On completion of the project, the Quality Inspector will conduct an inspection of the roof to ensure that all the guarantee requirements have been satisfied.

Five-yearly Inspection Reports

A further commitment from us is that every five years for the next 20 years we will arrange a meeting with your client’s representative where we will carry out an inspection of the completed Icopal roof and will provide your client with a comprehensive condition report 

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