Icopal Insured Guarantees

Icopal Insured Product Guarantee

Icopal Insured Product GuaranteeIn the event of water penetration during the guarantee period, resulting from membrane failure due to defective manufacture, Icopal undertakes to replace or refund the cost of any the defective products supplied.

Duration of guarantee cover
Up to 20 years subject to specification

What is not covered:
1) Consequential or incidental damage
2) Workmanship
3) Contractor insolvency

Who is eligible to receive this guarantee
Anyone buying Icopal waterproofing products (either directly or via a 3rd party)

What is required to receive this guarantee
Proof of sale of Icopal products

Is their a charge for this guarantee?
This guarantee is available free of charge

Can the guarantee be assigned?
Yes, with appropriate notification















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